Month: March 2019

Certification testing

A few weeks ago I posted about how we commissioned the Zehnder ventilation system.  Our commissioning agent measured and adjusted all the airflows to ensure the system is delivering the proper amount of fresh air to each living space and [...]

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Staging and photography

With the listing and open house dates approaching quickly, the crew has been finishing up interior work so we can stage and photograph the house.  Last week our staging company, BK Classic Collections, delivered our furniture and positioned it around [...]

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Finishing touches!

All the major elements of the house are finally in place and the teams have been focusing on the details and remaining few items to install.  Our last remaining vanities and tubs have arrived and been installed, the rest of [...]

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The Chef’s Kitchen!

Way back in mid-November we took delivery of our kitchen cabinets, and then in January our stone installer brought in our kitchen countertops and backsplash.  Since then most of the kitchen activity has been painting, electrical, plumbing, and most recently, [...]

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Commissioning the Ventilation System

We’re in the final few weeks of construction, and our HVAC contractor is busy commissioning the various systems.  This is a two-part process: first, the contractor gets each piece of equipment working within its design specifications, and second, for [...]

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Drone video

After a recent snowfall, we decided to take a look at the roof and examine it for snow distribution, look at coverage over the solar PV panels,  and check for possible problem areas. The GC hired a local aerial videography firm to scope out the house with a drone.  We didn’t find any problems, and it makes for a cool video!