Category: Ventilation

Building a Healthy Home

One of our primary objectives with the Highland project has been to build a healthy home that minimizes risks to the occupant’s health.  This whole topic, called “Indoor Air Quality” (IAQ), is of growing interest amongst both builders and [...]

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Interior Detail Work

Most of the work has moved inside now, with many of the trades in every day finishing trim, tile, painting, doors, and mechanical and electrical systems. Our custom-made kitchen range hood arrived last week from the metal fabricator, All Metal [...]

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Duct sealing

Our HVAC installer, Boucher Energy Systems, was out Friday to commence duct sealing.  The Energy Star rating system specifies a maximum permissible amount of duct leakage from our ventilation ducts.  Even though the entire duct system is located within the [...]

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Making fireplaces work in a green home

A few weeks ago our two fireplaces showed up and they’re now installed.  Fireplaces can be a large source of air pollution in a home (particulates, carbon monoxide, and other noxious gases), so the guidelines for tight homes are [...]

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HVAC installation starts

Now that the house is weathertight we have started MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) work.  Our HVAC contractor has been out routing ducting and has started installing and connecting up the system components.  There are two separate systems: the heating and [...]

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Why high-end homes need to think ventilation first.


One of the features of the Highland project will be a whole-house Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) system. Unlike a typical heating and air conditioning system, which recirculates air within the home, an HRV is a distinct system designed to continuously [...]

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