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Throwback Tuesday – construction video from Spring 2018

This video never made it out of draft form on the blog, so just posting it now…

Lots of site work, exterior insulation, waterproof covering, and just beginning window installation.

Winter Construction Videos Even though most of the action has been indoors since late December (partly due to weather, and partly because that’s where most of the work is!), there’s still a lot [...]

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Fall Construction Videos The most recent videos!  Lots to see... siding, painting, installation of the solar PV array, trees and shrubs arriving and getting planted, front infiltration system, and so much more.  It was [...]

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Summer Construction Videos

Our most recent construction videos!  Three months of activity compressed into just a few minutes.  In the rear video you’ll see the chimney framing at about 0:08, the external garage insulation at 0:16, work commence on the rear patio at 0:49, and the chimney brick veneer going on at 0:56.  The garage roof gets installed about 1:23, and watch carefully for the septic system tank being placed in the bottom left corner about 1:37.  Finally is the rain slicker (1:59) and the cladding (2:10).

In the front video you’ll notice the trench for the electrical power to the house (0:07), the driveway (0:10), the roof installation starting about 0:43, the cladding going on starting about 1:10, and finally the drywall delivery at the very end.  And throughout the video are swarms and swarms of subcontractor’s trucks as they finish framing, install mechanical and electrical systems, and insulate the house.

Newest Construction Video

Here’s the second segment of time-lapse video showing progress since early December 2017. Lots of activity on the site! The video shows the excavation for the new foundation, pouring the footings and foundation walls, setting the house back down on the foundation, exterior framing, and foundation waterproofing and backfilling.  Watch for the house being set back down on the new foundation on February 12.

A month of work – in 2 minutes!


The design team felt it would be educational – and fun! – to document the construction process in a variety of ways.  Early in the demo process we placed two time-lapse cameras around the property and I’ll periodically post videos from each as interesting things happen.  Images are 15 minutes apart.  This video is  about a months’ worth of daily activities, including house demo, lifting the house, and excavating the new basement and foundation.  House lift occurs on 11/22 and watch carefully – the actual process takes just a second!