Category: Historical Homes

New Roof

Not even one of the largest March snowstorms in history has prevented our framers from making great progress on the house (though it did slow them down a bit!). In these photos they’re installing the new roof on the [...]

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Framing Continues

Until last Friday’s storm, the last few weeks of good weather have let our great framing crew make excellent progress. In the main photo above you can see the original house, the new first floor, and the end walls [...]

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New Foundation: Lifting an Old House

In one of those occupational hazards of restoring an old house, we’ve discovered that the two 120-year old foundation walls we’d planned to retain are not structurally sound enough to keep, and so will have to be replaced [...]

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Zoning Approval and Demo Begins!

Our next big milestone: Zoning Board of Appeals approval! Our special permit has been approved and we’re underway with serious demo. As part of Green Phoenix’s mission to be a good environmental steward, we’re working hard to [...]

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Success! Historical Commission approval.


We have negotiated our first step of the renovation project: approval from the Historical Commission to renovate the house. The town justifiably is concerned about the loss of its historic architecture and character, so older homes need to go through [...]

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