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Basement Part 2…

Our basement insulation wasn’t visible for long.  Just a week after the spray foam was installed, our concrete firm came out to pour the basement slab.  The concrete shapes itself to the foam surface and then the crew levels [...]

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The “Bathtub” Basement

Most of the work recently has shifted to the basement as the contractor prepares to pour the basement slab.  Like everything else in this home, a lot of detail has gone into the design.  The first photo shows the basement [...]

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A little insulation goes a long way…

While the house gets set down on the new foundation and framing continues, we're already preparing to insulate and clad the home.  One of the key objectives of Highland is to build a home that is significantly better insulated and [...]

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Why don’t we build better houses?

Better Houses

Green Phoenix is based on the idea that homes are long-term investments that need to keep up with the latest in building technology. Efficient, airtight, and healthy homes are better for everybody: the occupants, the community, and the planet. A [...]

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