Month: August 2017

Why don’t we build better houses?

Better Houses

Green Phoenix is based on the idea that homes are long-term investments that need to keep up with the latest in building technology. Efficient, airtight, and healthy homes are better for everybody: the occupants, the community, and the planet. A [...]

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Why high-end homes need to think ventilation first.


One of the features of the Highland project will be a whole-house Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) system. Unlike a typical heating and air conditioning system, which recirculates air within the home, an HRV is a distinct system designed to continuously [...]

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Success! Historical Commission approval.


We have negotiated our first step of the renovation project: approval from the Historical Commission to renovate the house. The town justifiably is concerned about the loss of its historic architecture and character, so older homes need to go through [...]

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