Month: October 2018

Summer Construction Videos

Our most recent construction videos!  Three months of activity compressed into just a few minutes.  In the rear video you’ll see the chimney framing at about 0:08, the external garage insulation at 0:16, work commence on the rear patio at 0:49, and the chimney brick veneer going on at 0:56.  The garage roof gets installed about 1:23, and watch carefully for the septic system tank being placed in the bottom left corner about 1:37.  Finally is the rain slicker (1:59) and the cladding (2:10).

In the front video you’ll notice the trench for the electrical power to the house (0:07), the driveway (0:10), the roof installation starting about 0:43, the cladding going on starting about 1:10, and finally the drywall delivery at the very end.  And throughout the video are swarms and swarms of subcontractor’s trucks as they finish framing, install mechanical and electrical systems, and insulate the house.

Blower Door Test Redux – a REALLY Airtight House!

Once the exterior wall insulation was completed, our LEED Rater, Mark, came by to do another blower door test and IR examination of the insulation.  Our goal was to identify any spots where insulation was missing, and fix any air [...]

Read more A lot has happened since my last update several weeks ago.  Much of September was devoted to installing the interior insulation in the project.  This is one of the most [...]

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Cladding the house

Now that the exterior blueskin barrier and the roof are on, we can move to the siding (cladding). The first element in this is the yellow Benjamyn Opdyke Rain Slicker, which provides a thin drainage mat between the wall and [...]

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MassSave tour

A few weeks ago we hosted a tour for program administrators and utility representatives from MassSave.  MassSave is a collaborative of Massachusetts' natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers, including Berkshire Gas, Blackstone Gas Company, Cape Light [...]

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