Cladding the house

Now that the exterior blueskin barrier and the roof are on, we can move to the siding (cladding). The first element in this is the yellow Benjamyn Opdyke Rain Slicker, which provides a thin drainage mat between the wall and the cladding.  This small airspace lets water that infiltrates the cladding drain out of the wall instead of being trapped against it, and it also lets air circulate behind the cladding to help dry it out.  Above that is a Boral clapboard, a material made from a blend of polymers, fly ash, and glass fibers.  It’s moisture, insect, and rot-resistant, installs like wood clapboards, and has the benefit of containing more than 70% recycled materials.  We’re using it for the main house, except for the gables, which will be true cedar shingles like the original home displayed.  As soon as the siding is complete we’ll be able to move to exterior painting while work continues on the interior.