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Exterior Insulation – Roof and Walls

While the framers have been busy inside with interior rooms and stairs, we’ve started installing the exterior insulation.  First up was the first of two layers of 2” rigid foam on the roof.  Next are the walls: 2” of rigid polyisocyanurate [...]

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Basement Part 2…

Our basement insulation wasn’t visible for long.  Just a week after the spray foam was installed, our concrete firm came out to pour the basement slab.  The concrete shapes itself to the foam surface and then the crew levels [...]

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Getting the wall details right

Most of the recent activity at the project has been in the basement: in the last two weeks the sub-slab radon and drainage piping was installed, the basement floor was insulated, and the slab was poured.  This has also given [...]

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The “Bathtub” Basement

Most of the work recently has shifted to the basement as the contractor prepares to pour the basement slab.  Like everything else in this home, a lot of detail has gone into the design.  The first photo shows the basement [...]

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Well oh well….

As the house construction continues apace, we’re also doing site work so we can install the driveway, finish grading, and move onto landscaping this summer. We need to move many of the large boulders on site (some of them [...]

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Newest Construction Video

Here’s the second segment of time-lapse video showing progress since early December 2017. Lots of activity on the site! The video shows the excavation for the new foundation, pouring the footings and foundation walls, setting the house back down on the foundation, exterior framing, and foundation waterproofing and backfilling.  Watch for the house being set back down on the new foundation on February 12.


Foundation waterproofing

Our contractor took advantage of a break in our March snowstorms to cover the foundation with the waterproof spray-applied membrane and drain boards.  We're using the Tuff-N-Dri membrane and Warm-N-Dri drainage board system from Tremco Barrier Solutions.  Next the site [...]

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New Roof

Not even one of the largest March snowstorms in history has prevented our framers from making great progress on the house (though it did slow them down a bit!). In these photos they’re installing the new roof on the [...]

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NESEA BE18 – Boston High-Performance Building Show

Spent all day Thursday 3/8 at the NESEA BE18 (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association) Building Energy 2018 conference in Boston. Saw some great presentations on roof insulation, energy code compliance, and integrating design/build/development.   Many New England experts in high-performance building attended ([...]

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Framing Continues

Until last Friday’s storm, the last few weeks of good weather have let our great framing crew make excellent progress. In the main photo above you can see the original house, the new first floor, and the end walls [...]

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