Floors & Stairs

With the walls plastered and painting nearly complete in the upper floors, our flooring and carpentry subs have been busy finishing out the spaces.   Our pre-finished floors arrived a few weeks ago and sat scattered throughout the house for several days to equilibrate to the home’s temperature and moisture level. Using pre-finished floors has several benefits for this project: first, it speeds the installation, and more importantly, by doing the final finish off-site we avoid bringing chemicals and VOCs into the house.  This helps us maintain the high indoor air quality we seek to achieve in the finished project.  Our floor contractor, Eco Floor Sanding of Watertown, has been excellent at identifying low-VOC adhesives, finishes, and cleaning products to help ensure the floor will contribute to a healthy indoor atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the carpenters from Tradern Fine Woodworking have been installing the shiplap siding in the yoga room and central stairway, and also building the stairs.  It’s a beautiful stair system, running from the basement all the way to the third floor study, with clean lines but a complex configuration.