Our Own Solar System

We hit a big milestone today – we went off the grid and starting producing our own electric power!  Our 14.7 kW array will provide a substantial amount of the home’s energy during most of the year.  Our solar installer, SunBug Solar, has done a remarkable job squeezing a large array into our limited roof area, spread out over the garage and main house.  Over the last several weeks their installation crew has made several visits to the project to install the mounting racks, panels, and major electrical components (like inverters).  Yesterday we got confirmation that the utility had installed our new net metering connection so this morning we threw the switch and started producing about 6 kW of electricity.

Producing about 3.1 kW off this array!


Installing the panel mounting racks and connection wires on the garage

The first pallet of PV panels arrives.
The full array on the garage.
The main house array just visible on the south-east side of the roof.
The two system inverters in the mechanical room, ready for connection to the grid.