Landscaping & Site Work

While the mechanicals (plumbing, HVAC, and electrical) go into the house and the roof goes on, our landscape contractor, Moniz Landscaping, has been busy with site work and the largest part of the hardscape, the rear patio.  Once the rough grading was set, the team poured the concrete window wells and porch footings, and then excavated the footings for the rear retaining wall. The retaining wall is a thick stone veneer over a CMU (concrete block) foundation, with the appropriate drainage and electrical conduits.   We need to finish the patio so we’ll be able to access the back of the house for siding, painting, and finish work.  Still more hardscape to do around the front, side walk, and around the driveway.

Meanwhile our site work contractor is making great progress preparing to install the large septic system.  Once that’s installed, connected,  approved by the town, and backfilled, it’ll open up the back and side yards to finish grading so we can move ahead with landscaping and the rest of the site work.

building the patio retaining wall
making great progress on a beautiful and durable stone patio!
excavation underway for the septic system