As the inside of the project moves along, outside it is a race to finish up our landscaping before winter.  Our landscape architect, Sudbury Design Group, and the landscape contractor, Moniz Landscaping, have designed and executed a beautiful plan for the property.  Most of the hardscape is complete, including a side entryway built from salvaged bluestone from the original house, and now our plants have started to arrive.  Friday a large shipment of trees and shrubs arrived from the nursery and was staged at the front of the site.  Once the mud firms up a bit they’ll go into the ground. All of the plants we’ve specified for the project – trees, shrubs, and even the lawn seed – are native or adapted to the New England habitat, so they’ll require less water and maintenance, help contribute to a healthy environment, and blend with the rest of the property.

The patio, parking area, and front steps are already complete, and we’ll turn to the irrigation system as soon as the last stormwater collection system gets installed.  Then it’ll be buttoned up for winter, with the last steps – lawn seeding and driveway topcoat – to follow early in the spring!

Our masons did a beautiful job reusing bluestone from the original home into the entryway patio.